We are the only school in Madrid that combines these three methodologies


The Montessori Method

This educational model is characterised by an emphasis on student-led activities, combined with clinical observation on the part of the teacher. A prepared environment allows children to concentrate for long periods of time.

The objective of this observation is to allow the teacher to always adapt to the child’s learning needs at their level of development.

The purpose of this method is to help children develop in their entirety and to reach their full intellectual, physical, and spiritual potential. Therefore, the child is allowed to act, want, and think for themselves, helping them to develop their confidence and self-discipline.


Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline is educating with kindness and firmness. It is an educational model of how to understand the children’s behavior and how to manage their feelings to guide them on their path in a positive and affective, but firm and respectful way for both the child and the adult.

This promotes a positive attitude for the children by teaching them good behavior, responsibility, and interpersonal skills with the use of the principles of generosity and mutual respect.


The Dujing Methodology

The Dujing Method consists of helping children to learn about the classical world, through books, drawings, music… which transmit traditional values. This methodology helps children to learn language in a natural manner, improving their pronunciation and helping them to understand customs and culture. The three most important points of the Dujing methodology are:

This methodology is not only popular in China, but also among Chinese people living in other countries, because we believe it is the best method to help people learn about their own language and culture.

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