Who are we?

Montessori Baby House is the first trilingual preschool in Spain that combines the concept of early education with tested methods of learning: the Montessori Method combined with positive discipline and the Chinese philosophy of Dujing, resulting in surprising learning outcomes.

Our center is focused on the ages of 0-6 and we adapt our educational process to the maturity of each child. We educate in a way to teach emotional intelligence and values such as equality, love of nature, peace, and solidarity which will help build balanced and respectful adults. Trilingualism is an important base of our education and we teach in an immersive environment with native teachers of Chinese, English, and Spanish so children learn in a natural way from their first day.

Enseñanza de Calidad – Diviértete aprendiendo
Montessori Baby House España

Why MBH?

Trilingual Education. Educational activities and an immersive environment improve children’s linguistic abilities in the three languages of our centre: Chinese, English, and Spanish (all of our teachers are native speakers).

Education in social and personal values. We are very proud to be a “Friendly Centre” of UNICEF. We work daily on developing students’ emotional intelligence and to teach them the importance of solidarity, cooperation, compromise, social inclusion, respect, justice, and peace.

In our centre we have a paediatrician available and we collaborate with medical companies to care for mothers and babies before birth.

We are open every day of the year, including during Easter, summer, and Christmas breaks (with the exception of local holidays in Las Rozas or Madrid in their respective centers and national holidays such as the 24th and 31st of December) following the Madrid work calendar.

We are close and available to collaborate with each family and attend to their needs.

We accept daycare cheques (Sodexo, Edenred…).

We have agreements with national and international colleges and universities


We have partnerships with various schools that give priority in admissions and/or discounts to our students when they graduate from MBH. In turn, we have agreements with universities to allow their students to train with us.


The best universities collaborate with MBH to give the student the most appropriate teaching, education and values.

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